5 Best iOS Apps For Audiobooks 2022

We curated a list of the best iOS apps for audiobooks for you to enjoy your favorite books!

In today’s digital age a lot has changed over the years and one of those things is books. Books have moved slowly away from the classic printed format to a more digital one, Audio and online readable e copies of books particularly.

If you have not heard of audiobooks, in the most simple terms , they are digital copies of books wherein voice has been added and embedded into the text so a user has the option of listening instead of reading and also investing otherwise in a physical book.

 If you have an audiobook version of a book you like you can listen to it wherever you are whenever you want too. Audiobooks definitely make reading simplified.

A few years ago audiobooks were first available only in CD and DVD formats, today digital copies can be played almost anywhere, even on a smartphone like an iPhone or tablet such as an iPad.

Having your favorite audiobooks with you on the go means never having to miss out on a good book during your spare time.

 Today’s audiobooks apps for your iPhone or iPad allow you to listen to a vast collection of books ranging from best sellers to timeless classics, so no matter where you are going to be, all you need is your iPhone and airpods and you will be good to go.

Audiobooks come in various layouts, some are smooth, loaded with features, some even integrate online bookstores for you to browse through and select from new releases.

And on the other hand there are the more basic ones with not as many features but still good to use and will allow you to enjoy audiobooks. Some audiobook apps are paid services and some are free. Both of which will be listed below.

Top iOS Apps For Audiobooks

Apple Books

Apple builds many of its own applications for its own products, the apps are optimized to run on iOS which makes it one of the best apps to use for your iPhone or iPad.

You can browse through a wide library of both e books as well as audiobooks to find the perfect book to read or listen to.

The user interface is clean and fluid and relates to the design language of Apple. The audiobooks on Apple Books are often narrated by famous actors, authors, or artists.

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Once you start listening to an audiobook, it will subsequently go to your Reading Now section.

This feature is like a digital nightstand, it bookmarks the page you stop at, to help get you back in an instant, whether you are moving back and forth between books or deep in a single story this will keep track of it, Here you will also find new personalized suggestions too, based on what you have been reading.

Your library is another feature that helps you organize your books the way you like. Using collections, keep all your books where you want them, create your personal selections to access anytime, and visit the finished collection to read an old favorite you have already read. 

Setting a reading goal helps make sure you get the amount of reading time that you want too by tracking the amount of time you’re reading.

 It’s a good feature to develop your reading habits, it even celebrates achievements like a finished book, daily reading goal or a new streak length record and even your annual total.

Track your reading progress easily, see what you have read and are waiting to read and also set reading goals, all in a single app for all your Apple devices.

Audible: Audiobooks & Podcasts

5.95 USD for the first 3 months, 14.95 USD per month after the first 3.

Listen to books and originals

Audible, Inc.

Becoming very popular over the years, Amazon’s audio and ebook platform Audible is one of the best out there, perfect for your iPhone or iPad.

Being an Amazon product, Audible offers users one of the largest collections of audiobooks available today, choose from genres like crime and thriller, science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, mindfulness and meditation and many more.

 Not just that, get access to loads of exclusive content, amazing podcasts and Amazon exclusive originals.

Amazon prime members receive audiobook credits occasionally for free, as well as exclusive deals on some audio and ebook content. To make things more interesting a lot of the titles are aerated by some of the world’s finest actors and performers.

Audible also has another special feature called WhisperSync, this allows a user to switch a book between audiobook mode and e book mode effortlessly.

Audible also comes with the Alexa assistant feature, so to get started all you have to do is ask Alexa to recommend a new or continue playing a current audiobook.

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This app allows you to listen while traveling, driving, working out or almost anywhere else too, you can check books off your to read list without having to make your usual schedule tighter.

Audiobooks.com: Get audiobooks

Listen to novels & podcasts

RB Audiobooks USA LLC

At Audiobooks.com you will be able to download the app for your iPad or iPhone or perhaps both.

And now with the new 7.9.9 version, even Apple computer users who have the new M1 processor can now download the Audiobooks.com app from the Mac App Store to enjoy the full app experience on their desktop as well.

With more than 1,000,000 downloads and counting, it will surely be handy for all those who love books.

Get access to over  300,000+ Audiobooks, more than 100 Million Podcast episodes, All You Can Listen Book Clubs. You will even receive 10,000+ Free Audiobooks, get VIP Rewards, Books sales & promotional alerts.

Easily stream or download your favorite novels at home, in the office or while on the move from the vast collection of fiction, crime, mystery, thrillers, politics, history, health & wellness – and everything in-between available in the library.

The Audiobooks.com app has even introduced a patent-pending technology that will allow you to listen in a whole new and exciting way.

Now you can start a book on your smartphone and continue up where you left off on your laptop and even fall asleep while listening on your tablet and never have to worry about losing a page.

All Audiobook.com members, EVEN customers on their free trial, can enjoy the special benefits of the Audiobooks.com VIP reward program like picking out a book from a specially curated section every month to download absolutely free.

Google Play Books

Books & Audiobooks

Google LLC

This app brings Google and Apple together, with the Google play books app being available for the iOS platform as well you can now enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from Google play with Siri shortcuts too..

Get started immediately by picking a good book from the millions of titles available with

no monthly subscription needed, and play on your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad. 

Just download your e or audio book to read or listen on the go. Browse through chapters with real chapter titles and not just track lists.

Google’s audiobook controls allow a user to either skip ahead or scroll slowly on the timeline, jump to chapters, customize playback speed and snooze timer too.

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Once you’re finished with a book, you can find your next one easily with google’s personalized recommendations selected just for you. Or preview a free sample from the catalog.

When reading your favorite manga or comic book, bring the characters to life with Bubble zoom by just tapping the page.And even continue reading your favorites when offline too.

Google play books also has built in special audiobook features that allow you to listen to an audiobook you have purchased across all platforms.

This means that listeners can start a book on one device and pick up where they left off on any other device, be it an Android device or iPhone, iPad or desktop pc, you can even continue in your car while commuting with CarPlay.

All your favorites in one app, anywhere.


Formerly known as Serial box and now going by a brand new name, Realm, this audiobook app is one of the best free ones out there.

It appeals to all users who just like to relax with a good audiobook. With Realm users get to enjoy shorter stories as well as content from various episodes.

Realm which provides the content in nicely sized chunks straight from your favorite novel which makes it perfect for using during a commute or on a break.

Realm has a massive range of genres from drama to fantasy and sci-fi and you can even listen to a lot of shows for free.

They do offer a paid service as well which will remove ads, allows a user the option to listen or read the book, unlocks exclusive deals on books, early access to new episodes and also gives exclusive access to bonus content on some shows.

This membership if taken on an annual basis works out to $2.49 per month.

Realm comes with a highly configurable reader and audiobook player mode and is an interesting new option for readers and audiobook listeners alike.

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