Best iPad magic keyboard alternatives 2023

Tablets are fantastic, and Apple’s iPad Pro models, whether the 12.9-inch iPad Pro or the slightly smaller iPad Pro 11, are among the best available – especially now that they feature trackpad support.

However, one disadvantage of a tablet is the lack of a keyboard, which can be a pain at times. There are, however, a variety of ways to get around that problem, including a variety of gadgets that you may purchase to put typing back on your must-do list.

Apple has made three different types of iPad keyboards in the previous few years: the Smart Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Magic Keyboard.

The iPad Pro’s Magic keyboard debuted in April of this year and is simply stunning to use. Apple is on a roll this year, with the release of iOS 14 and the iPhone 12 on the horizon. It’s a pricey accessory to own, costing $299. And, to be honest, there are some fantastic options that provide nearly the same technology at a far lower cost. The Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives for 2021 are listed here.

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What is the best Magic Keyboard alternative?

The Apple-branded Magic Keyboard comes standard with every iMac and iMac Pro, and you either love it or loathe it. There are a variety of third-party Mac keyboards available that differ significantly from Apple’s. The keyboards on this list are designed expressly for folks who appreciate the Magic Keyboard’s general design but want something a little different.

There are a variety of keyboards available for purchase on the internet that make using a tablet, particularly an iPad Pro, even more convenient. We’ll walk you through the top iPad Magic keyboard replacements, from Logitech to Arteck.

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

If you currently have a case for your iPad that you like, you can always acquire a portable keyboard instead of having one built into the cover. One of the greatest solutions for this is the Omoton Ultra-Slim Keyboard, which is suitable for any device and entirely compatible with your iPad.

The Omoton Ultra-Slim Keyboard is routinely one of the best-selling portable Bluetooth keyboards on the market today, thanks to its ultra-thin form factor. It’s not a keyboard case, and it doesn’t attach to your iPad directly, but it’s compact and light enough to fit in just about any luggage or carry-on. The Omoton Ultra-Slim Keyboard has a metallic appearance and is super-sleep white. Its lengthy battery life ensures around a half-year of heavy, daily use before you need to replace its pair of AAA batteries.

The Omoton Ultra-Slim Keyboard, unlike other magic keyboard alternatives, will not burn a hole in your pocket. In comparison to the Apple Magic Keyboard’s $300 price tag, the Omoton Ultra-Slim costs little under $20.

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There are plenty of other wonderful options if the Omoton Ultra-Slim isn’t your thing. The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard has a lot of positive reviews, and it’s a terrific option if you work on multiple devices. It smoothly shifts between modes with the touch of a button, and it works on all Bluetooth-enabled devices, whether they’re running Android or iOS, and whether they’re a laptop, a smartphone, a TV, or a tablet.

The Key Features are:

  1. Amazing Battery Life: As previously said, this beauty can be charged once and used for 30 days. It can also be set to sleep automatically for up to six months.
  2. Sliding stand: This keyboard is made to save space while also elevating the iPad to a comfortable viewing angle. This is owing to the fact that it has a movable stand.
  3. Quiet and fluid keys: This keyboard has soft scissor-kick keys for a quiet and fluid typing experience. These keys can also withstand over 3 million clicks. The keys are in a QWERTY layout, with several Hotkeys tailored for typical iPad tasks like brightness, volume, and so on.

You can buy the keyboard from here

Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard

When it comes to performance and value for money, the Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard is one of the top iPad Magic Keyboard replacements on the market. It has a fantastic hinge that allows you to rotate the iPad as you like. The most essential feature is that it has three brightness levels and ten different color backlighting options.

Amazon sells the Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard for $89.99. Despite its high price, it is still far superior to the majority of other Magic Keyboard alternatives. Most importantly, it is a superior replacement for the original because it includes more functionality.

The Key Features are:

  1. 7-in-1 design: The Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard’s design is one of its most impressive features. This adaptable device can go from laptop mode to six other modes, including closed mode, presentation mode, and ergonomic typing mode.
  2. Touchpad: This device has a touchpad that works exceptionally well with the iPad and the most recent iPad OS. The touchpad itself is about 2.4 inches in diameter, providing you plenty of room to navigate.
  3. Infinite Viewing Angles: The Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard is compact and lightweight. It has specifically built hinges that allow it to rotate and pivot in unfathomable ways. This feature essentially provides you with an infinite number of viewing angles.

You can buy the keyboard from here

Chesona Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The Chesona detachable keyboard case is an 11″ Keyboard Case with a Pencil holder and Flip Stand cover, making it the most functional keyboard for the iPad Pro. The Apple 2021/2018 iPad Pro 11″ Keyboard Case is available in three colors: black, blue, and gold.

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With a QWERTY layout and iPad-specific hotkeys, such as Volume, Music Control, and Brightness, as well as a mute and elegant design, you get a skin-like touch experience and all-day comfort for work and leisure.

The Chesona, which costs $60, has a luxury feel at a fraction of the price.

The Key Features are:

  1. Apple Pencil charging and built-in pencil holder: The Chesona lets you charge the Apple Pencil by docking it on the top of the iPad Pro. You can also keep the Pencil secure by sliding it into the holder situated directly above the keyboard.
  2. Protection: The keyboard case has an anti-slip design and protects the iPad Pro from drops and shocks from all sides. It’s one of the most effective iPad Magic Keyboard substitutes.
  3. Battery Life: The built-in rechargeable battery lasts more than 80 hours on a single charge, which takes only 2-3 hours.

You can buy the keyboard from here

Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro

Logitech is a well-known manufacturer of computer peripherals and accessories. The Touch Combo is a wireless keyboard with a trackpad that was created with the iPad Pro in mind.

To improve the user experience, the trackpad incorporates built-in high-precision sensors that use multi-finger gesture controls.

This touch combination provides total protection for the iPad Pro and comes with different user settings. The Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro costs $269 on Amazon.

The Key Features are:

  1. iOS shortcuts: The most often used iOS shortcuts are lined up in the top row of the keyboard, making it easier to move between programs or regulate the brightness and volume.
  2. Viewing Modes:  Depending on the application, the keyboard case allows you to erect the iPad Pro in multiple modes for varied experiences. 
  3. Apple Pencil holding loop: The Combo Touch has a loop on the side of the case that may be used to hold a Logitech Crayon or an Apple Pencil. It’s one of the most effective iPad Magic Keyboard substitutes.
  4. Backlight keys: For a premium experience, the keyboard features a familiar laptop-like feel with adjustable backlighting.
  5. Easy to Pair:  This keyboard connects to any iPad with ease. It’s as simple as connecting the iPad to the Smart connection. It only takes one click to get started working right now.
  6. Kickstand with 40-degree tilt: This device comes with a kickstand with a 40-degree tilt. It’s ideal if you want to watch a film.

You can buy the keyboard from here

Zagg Slimbook Go

The Zagg Slimbook Go is one of the Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives on the market, with one-year battery life and a lightweight design. Additionally, it includes a number of features that make typing a breeze.

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Almost all iPads, including the iPad Air, are compatible with this iPad Magic Keyboard Alternative. It even has two Apple Pencil holders: one on top and one on the bottom.

The Zagg Slimbook Go costs only $169.99.

The Key Features are:

  1. Slim and light design: This keyboard is slim and light. It’s not only simple to transport, but its streamlined design also allows it to fit into small bags and backpacks.
  2. Multi-device compatibility: This Magic Keyboard Alternative may connect to two different devices at the same time. This is one of the keyboard’s most essential features. You may pair it with your iPad and iPhone, for example, and switch control between the two.
  3. Long battery life: You may type for up to a year on a single charge with this keyboard.
  4. Ergonomic Keys: In addition to being illuminated, the keys have the ideal elevation, distance, and quality for quick and accurate typing.

You can buy the keyboard from here

Is the Apple iPad magic keyboard worth it?

Certainly not. The only thing you’re paying for is the value of your brand and bragging rights. In terms of technology, you can buy nearly identical technology for a fraction of the price of the Apple Magic Keyboard.

Which iPad Magic Keyboard alternative is the best?

While there are several Magic Keyboard Alternatives on this list, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. So, if you’re seeking a Magic Keyboard Alternative with long battery life, the Zagg Slimbook Go is a great choice. Similarly, Typecase Touch iPad Keyboard is your best pick if you’re seeking a keyboard with a convenient design and functionality.

While all of the magic keyboard alternatives perform the same basic purpose, they differ in a few critical areas. The OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is our personal favorite. In terms of design, features, battery life, and other factors, it is now the best.

It has a sliding stand that adjusts to your needs and a comfy keyboard that supports your typing. The keys are quiet and smooth. Furthermore, the battery life is quite good, lasting roughly 30 days on a single charge.

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