How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone

How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone in 2024

Want an alternative to the Instagram app with more features? Check the Instagram alternative Rocket app.

Rocket is an Instagram alternative app that offers some cool features. We will explain How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone in this article.

The Rocket app is a third party app that can run Instagram and provide access to all Instagram features and more. 

If you have heard about Rocket but don’t know how to get it on your iPhone, then this guide will help you with that. Learn how to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone in this guide. 

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How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone

Instagram Rocket for iOS

Social networking has now ingrained itself into everyone’s daily lives. Instagram is becoming increasingly popular due to its simple photo, video, and information sharing features when compared to other social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. 

Instagram Rocket for iOS

Instagram is now accessible as Instagram Rocket, which has additional functionality than the iOS store’s standard app, especially for iPhone and iPad users. You can install that as well without jailbreaking your Apple device.

Instagram Rocket’s updated version is now accessible at AppValley, an unofficial app store. More capabilities, not present in the Instagram app available in the iOS store, are offered to you in this modified version of Instagram.

You must install AppValley, one of the top third-party app stores, on your iPhone or iPad in order to get the Instagram Rocket app. Many apps that aren’t in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store can be found in AppValley. Any program may be downloaded for free and without a jailbreak from this website. 

Instagram Rocket App Info

App NameInstagram Rocket
App Versionv241.0
LanguageEnglish, & Simplified English
CategorySocial Networking
DeveloperMajid Alfhaily
CompatibilityiOS 8 & Later (iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch)

Best Features of Instagram Rocket App

Since it’s the modified version, there are certain extra features for users that aren’t present in the original version.

  • The pictures and movies are available for download to your device’s gallery.
  • By simply double-clicking the profile photo, you may view it in full-screen mode.
  • While you are viewing his profile, it indicates whether someone is following him or not.
  • It requests your confirmation to like in order to prevent accidental likes.
  • Read the message that was sent to you without letting anyone else know.
  • It suppresses the advertisements.
  • Photos in your Instagram feed can be zoomed in or out.
  • Spoofs of you are private as they never show up in other feeds.
  • To view at high definition, double click on a picture or a video.
  • Share your Instagram feed from your iPhone wherever you want.

How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone through AppValley 

First, open your browser and download the AppValley app using the URL provided below.

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Download AppValley v2.0

You can touch the download button to download it to your smartphone on the AppValley download page by clicking the aforementioned link.

It will download to your device in a short while. Before opening it, various parameters must be changed.

Look for the Profile and Smartphone Management option under General in the Settings app on your device. Toggle the trust AppValley app option by tapping on it.

How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone

Search “Instagram Rocket” in the search box of the AppValley app now.

How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone

It will display the Insta app; select Getting to download or install it on your device.

Make some setting adjustments before opening it. Look for the Profile and Smartphone Management option under General in the Settings app on your device. Toggle the option to trust the Instagram Rocket app by tapping it.

Your iOS device’s Instagram Rocket app is now available for usage. Have a tonne of fun.

How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone through apps4iphone

The most recent update to Instagram is officially signed and available for direct installation on iOS devices. It was made available for all iOS models and devices after being formally signed. Check out how to install it, 

apps4iphone spotify++

Go to in your Safari browser.

Select Get Now.

Select Install on your device by clicking.

From your Home Screen, launch the app.

From the bottom menu, choose the Second tab.

Navigate to the Tweaked Apps Category.

Instagram Rocket can be chosen from the list of Apps.

Wait five seconds after the link opens in the browser before clicking Skip this Ad.

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Choose Install from the pop-up menu.

After Installation:

Go into Settings → General → Profiles (& Device Management) → Select Profile → Click on Trust two times.

You may now take advantage of all the wonderful features of the Instagram Rocket Client! Some of its features are:

  • Download Stories using Stealth Mode
  • Repost Pictures
  • Remove Read Receipts 
  • Spoofing Followers & Verified Profile

You can access the features using the Rocket submenu in Instagram settings.

What is Instagram Rocket?

This add-on for the original Instagram app is called Instagram Rocket. It’s one of the better versions that has been adjusted and has amazing capabilities including downloading pictures and videos, reposting any Instagram post, downloading stories, and saving videos from IG TV. Additionally, you can turn off read recipients in DM.

Is Instagram Rocket secure?

Yes, the application is quite safe. If you are really concerned with privacy, you may always disregard these third-party apps.

Does Instagram Rocket contain ads?

It is an ad-free application, yes. The official Instagram Rocket download is available in our AppValley Store.

Which is better, Instagram++ or Instagram Rocket?

These two offer some great features, but Instagram Rocket receives frequent updates and essentially has no flaws. Instagram continuously modifies its T&C, which causes problems for Instagram++, but Instagram Rocket has less of an impact even when the official Instagram updates.

How can Instagram Rocket be removed?

If you downloaded the software from the AltStore or AppValley store, all you need to do is go to your home screen, find the app, and long-press it. You’ll receive a prompt asking you to remove the application. If you click on it, it will be destroyed in a matter of seconds. You can now reinstall Instagram’s original version from the official app store.

How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone – Conclusion

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We can tell you that the sophisticated features of the Instagram Rocket App for iOS will satisfy and impress you. So download it right away. If you have any issues, please let us know in the comments below. We are always willing to assist.

We hope this guide on How to get Instagram Alternative Rocket on iPhone lets you install Rocket on your iPhone without any difficulties.

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