How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users

How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users

Wondering How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users? Here’s a detailed guide to help you change the Xfinity password! Check it out!

Do you use internet services on a regular basis with your Xfinity WiFi Router? You may not realize it, but anyone in your vicinity may be keeping a watch on the router network and waiting to gain access. 

It is obvious that if you use Xfinity WiFi, you have a similar network that is connected to all of the gadgets in your home.

With just one error, a hacker can gain access to your network and data. As a result, it is critical that you secure the Xfinity WiFi Network while utilizing it. This will protect the modem and the network from a variety of potential threats.

How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users – Things to know

The Hardware

If you have Xfinity, you can utilize it with a variety of devices that are already available on the internet. However, the firm has developed some modems and routers to service millions of customers worldwide.

As a result, the hardware combinations for the majority of the products that are now in use may differ.

If you want to modify the Xfinity router password and settings, you must pay attention to the hardware settings.

It is preferable if you can simply take a snapshot of the router along with the sticker that contains information such as network names, passwords, and so on.

So, if you need to remotely configure the router, this will greatly assist you in restoring it to its default settings.

Xfinity My Account App

How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users

Because Xfinity is a large and growing manufacturer, they provide a plethora of options to reduce the levels of configuration from the user’s end. Xfinity, in particular, has a web-based interface that allows you to control your router.

You may also get an iPhone app to configure your device. This service is called the Xfinity My Account App, and it allows you to control the WiFi network from the comfort of your own home.

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This manager allows you to change your Xfinity WiFi password as well as your username, allowing you to safeguard the network. 

Am I Going To Break Something When Changing the Xfinity password?

Changing the password and username implies that you are infiltrating the network system. However, if you do it responsibly in order to secure the network, you will not cause any harm. 

However, if you are not a Mac specialist, you may end up altering some unknown gateways. This is possible if you are not an expert.

You may still need to adjust the default settings to make the Mac and network safe to use. As a result, it is advisable not to update any settings that you are unaware of. Fortunately, updating the WiFi network password and username is a relatively secure process.

You may need to reboot the router, which will bring up the entire device, in order to reset the router to the default platform. As a result, try to be very explicit about the directions so that you can quickly modify the settings.

Change the Xfinity Password using the Xfinity Account Page

So, now that you’ve opted to update the Xfinity WiFi settings, you must be extremely explicit about following the instructions.

There are four primary steps to changing the username and password. If you have already changed the username or password, it is preferable to restore the Xfinity WiFi to its default settings.

It is simple to do so; all you need to do is locate the red button located beneath the router. This is the reset button found on your router. You must press and hold the reset button for 15 to 20 seconds before releasing your fingers.

When the lights stop flashing, your router is ready to reboot. You must wait a few minutes for it to be restored. Wait until the lights begin to flash again and everything returns to normal.

Once you’ve completed this process, you’re ready to go on to the following critical steps, which are listed below:

How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users

Step 1: Locate the modem’s information

Xfinity modems are available in a variety of sizes and forms. However, you must discover the information here.

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Typically, the information tab is located on the modem body, where the information bar must be collected. You might not notice it at first but look for the Xfinity logo embossed on the body.

If the information is too far away from the product, consider taking a picture of it. You will require information such as the WiFi network name, password, default gateway, and device access code. The default gateway is shared by all Xfinity devices.

Step 2: Connect to the Router

  • Login to the Xfinity account page and then click on Settings.
  • Now tap on Manage Internet and then scroll down and tap on WiFi Network & Password under Xfinity ID, Passwords & PINs.
  • Depending on what Xfinity account you have, select either Edit with xFi or tap  on Edit.
  • Here you will have your Network name and password displayed before you, click on either to make changes and store the new credentials.

Change the Xfinity Password using the Wireless Gateway Tool

How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users

If you’re an advanced user then you can try logging into the Xfinity wireless gateway admin tool and change your username and password.

  • Start by opening a web browser and type in which will take you to the Xfinity admin panel.
  • Enter your current username and password to login to your account.
  • Click on Gateway on the left panel followed by Connection and then WiFi.
  • Tap on your network’s SSID and then click on Edit. 
  • Under Password, enter your current password along with your new password and click on save to store the new credentials.

Restart your router for the changes to take effect and you will now be able to login using your new login credentials.

Can I Use My Own Router With Xfinity Internet?

How To Change Xfinity WiFi Password for Mac Users

Xfinity enables each customer to create their own internet services that are distinct from others. You must complete a few steps in order to configure it. 

But, before you do so, take in mind that you may have some early difficulties, such as connecting it to your router. However, if you follow these procedures precisely, you should have a few issues.

  • Simply unplug the modem and then the complete main power unit.
  • You must now disconnect the Ethernet cable from the Mac. Simply unplug it if you’re using it from a LAN port.
  • Now you must connect the Ethernet cable to the router’s accessible Wide Area Network. It is usually found at the rear of the router.
  • Allow some time for it to rest after you plug it in. You have to wait for two minutes.
  • You must then turn on the router and wait for a few minutes. This will enable the Ethernet to begin functioning on the new device.
  • You can now power on the computer and wait a few minutes for the connection to be established.
  • You must now navigate to the configurations page, where you will be asked to configure the router.
  • Once it appears, you must enter the router’s IP address into the web browser. You can also launch the Airport utility app to speed up the process.
  • After entering the information, you will be redirected to the settings page. You must now select the Bridge mode choice from the list that appears below this.
  • Once you’ve entered it, you’ll be able to quickly connect to the router. Wait for Xfinity WiFi to finish installing the router before you can begin working with the internet.


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If you use Xfinity’s fast internet service, you may want to secure it as well. If you are not a computer guru, the setup settings may be unfamiliar to you. As a result, you must follow the instructions on how to update your Xfinity wifi password.

To avoid difficulties, try to leave the other settings pages alone. This will provide you with secure network access, allowing you to enjoy high-speed data without any problems.

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