How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself

How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself | 14 Fixes for iPhone Volume Keeps Going Up and Down in 2023

Facing issues with your iPhone volume when playing videos. Check out our guide on How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself.

Many Apple consumers have recently raised the same concern about their phone’s volume changing automatically. These problems are more widespread than you might imagine among iPhone users. Not only are they unpleasant, but they may also cause you to miss critical calls and notifications.

With this in mind, we conducted extensive research on the subject. We developed a number of simple ways to assist consumers in resolving the Volume Turned Down issue without having to go through complicated procedures.

In this article, MacSecurity will show you how to fix iPhone volume keeps changing by itself so you don’t have to deal with a random increase or decrease in the volume on your iPhone.

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How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself

Why Does My Volume Keep Going Down on iPhone?

Before I get into the answers, I need to know why my iPhone’s volume keeps going down in the first place. You can avoid this problem in the future if you do so.

Some typical causes of volume problems include, but are not limited to:

  • Glitches in iOS that are only temporary.
  • Due to the case cover, the volume key may be tapped.
  • Any Bluetooth item or cable connection could cause volume problems.
  • There is a problem with the system that has to be fixed.
  • Damage to the hardware.

14 Solutions to Fix Volume Turned Down

Remove the iPhone Case

A poor-quality iPhone case can cause problems in some circumstances. The case will put a strain on the volume buttons in particular. Because the iPhone incorrectly believes you are holding the volume button, the volume automatically decreases or increases. Remove the case from your iPhone if you use it. Then see whether the loudness returns to normal. If you don’t want to use it, move on to the next section.

Restart Your iPhone

The easiest approach to resolve any temporary malfunction or flaw in the system that may have caused this problem is to restart your iPhone. To see if this strategy can help you, it will only take a few minutes.

Plugin and Unplug the Headphones if You Are in Headphone Mode

In comparison to previous fixes, this one is a lot easier. It’s possible that your iPhone is set to use headphones. If the volume issue occurs while headphones are still connected, you should unplug them to see if the volume goes up and down issue in iOS 15/14/13 is caused by headphones.

Turn off Change with Buttons on iPhone

As previously stated, the problem could have been caused by a faulty volume key. To fix it, turn off the Change with Button option, which allows you to modify the phone’s volume using the volume buttons (Up and Down buttons).

How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself

Turn off the toggles in front of the Change with Buttons option in Settings > Sounds (& Haptics).

Turn off Bluetooth

When the iPhone is connected to a particular Bluetooth device, the volume on the iPhone keeps going down, according to some customers. So, if at all feasible, disable Bluetooth. This strategy may not work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot. To disable Bluetooth, go to the Settings app and pick Bluetooth. Then tap the toggle button to disable it.

Disable Attention Aware Features on iPhone

If you’re having trouble with this on an iPhone X or later, check the Attention Aware Features settings.

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Depending on whether you’re looking at the True Depth camera (front camera) or not, these functions automatically change the volume. As a result, you must disable it by following the procedures below:

Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself
  • Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode on the iPhone’s Home Screen.
  • Toggle the toggler in front of Attention Aware Features to off.

Force Restart Your iPhone Volume Turned Down

Force restarting your iPhone is another excellent way to solve the iPhone loudness problem. According to many iPhone users, this strategy can assist you in resolving this problem.

  • iPhone 8 and above: Press and hold the volume up and down buttons until you see the Apple logo, then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.
  • iPhone 7: Press and hold the volume down and the side buttons together until the Apple logo appears.
  • Other iPhone models (iPhone 6s and earlier): Hold down the Home and Side buttons together until the Apple logo appears.

Update iOS

Update iOS

Make sure your iPhone is running the most recent iOS version. Go to Settings > General > Software Upgrade to update your iPhone wirelessly. Your iPhone will perform a software update check. If an update is available, click Download to begin the installation process.

Clear All the Background Running Apps

If you’ve noticed that the volume of your iPhone’s ringer fluctuates automatically, it’s possible that this is due to background running programs on your device. To resolve this issue, you must shut down all background applications and clear your phone.

Simply follow the instructions below to do this effectively:

If you have an iPhone X or other recent model, you can remove your app history by heading to your home screen and then swiping up from the bottom of your screen with your thumb. After that, press and hold your thumb in the middle of your screen for a few seconds to delete all running programs in the background.

If you have an iPhone 8 model or an earlier version, simply double-tap the home button on your device. Your device will then display the most recent apps you’ve used. Then, instead of shutting the running apps, swipe left or right. Aside from that, you can close running apps by swiping up on the preview apps screen.

Disable Reduce Loud Sounds

The automatic volume reduction may possibly be a result of the iPhone’s Reduce Loud Sounds feature. You are more likely to have this problem if you are using Bluetooth headphones.

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When a loud sound is detected, your headphones will automatically reduce the level if Reduce Loud Sounds are enabled. Setting a maximum volume threshold is one of the major features of this tool.

reduce loud sounds

Go to Settings, then Sounds & Haptics and select Headphone Safety from the Headphone Audio section. Toggle off Reduce Loud Sounds feature.

Toggle Off Sound Check

Sound Check is another feature that lets you adjust your volume settings. The goal of this feature is to calculate the volume of your music and automatically change the volume levels so that you can hear it at the same volume levels every time. 

Although this function may be useful, it may also result in problems with your device’s volume levels changing at random.

Follow these steps to disable it

Step 1 Open the Settings app.

Step 2 Tap on Music.

Step 3 Scroll down and toggle off Sound Check if it’s enabled.

Turn Off Auto Adjust Quality on Spotify

Spotify offers a tool that optimizes audio levels, just like Apple Music does. Even when Sptofiy is not in use or is running in the background, this may have an impact on your device’s volume. Here’s how to turn it off:

Step 1 Open Spotify App.

Step 2 Tap on Settings.

Step 3 Select Audio Quality.

Step 4 If it’s on automatic, set it to Normal.

Use a Repair Tool

If the above techniques are unable to resolve iPhone volume adjustments then you can use a tool to fix the issue. It is a trusted iOS system recovery tool from a third party.

We suggest using Joyoshare UltFix. It is a desktop application that works with both Windows and Mac. This tool’s primary purpose is to address any iOS-related problems experienced by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple TV.

You may quickly and easily fix the iPhone volume that keeps going up or down on its own by following a few simple steps. It can also fix iPhones that are frozen, stuck on the Apple logo, or restored screens. Other distinguishing qualities exist. Users of UltFix can downgrade their iOS or quickly switch between recovery and normal modes.

Step 1 Connect Your iPhone to the Computer.

run joyoshare ultfix

Step 2 Open and launch UltFix on your computer. Wait for the program to detect your device. If done, click on Start.

set standard mode

Step 3 Select a Repair Mode. Standard Mode is highly recommended but if you choose Advanced Mode, make sure to back up all your data in advance. Click Next.

download firmware package

Step 3 Download the Firmware Package.

fix iphone volume keeps going up and down

Step 4 Click on the Repair button.

Reset All Settings

How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing

If restarting your iPhone does not solve the problem, try resetting it. However, this procedure necessitates a factory reset of your iPhone.

Don’t forget to back up your data before going this route. Simply go to Settings > General > Reset to reset your iPhone. After that, select Reset All Settings.

When Should I Get Help From an Expert? 

You should have fixed the volume issue somewhere along the line after you’ve tried all of these approaches. However, there could be a problem if you couldn’t get your phone’s volume to stay stable. If a glitch is an issue, you’ll need to get assistance to resolve it.

Who Can Help Me? 

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Apple support is a good place to start. You can contact a customer service representative to see if they can assist you with a solution.

You can also visit one of Apple’s retail stores. Employees at the store will examine the phone physically. They may also be able to run diagnostic testing on your phone.

There’s also the option of using online chat. Go to Apple’s official website. From the menu bar at the top of the page, select Support. You can choose the device with which you’re having issues. On the help page, you can browse through a variety of topics. You can also contact a live chat expert.

How Do I Change the Volume On My iPhone?

The physical buttons on the side of your phone can be used to adjust the level of your ringer and notifications. But what happens if you decide to disable that feature?

When it comes to volume changes, you have a few alternatives.

  • When the iPhone is locked, use the Control Center pull-down to adjust the volume.
  • Under Sounds, Haptics set a restriction for the maximum decibels allowed for headphone volume. Headphone Safety is a good option. “Reduce Loud Sounds” should be selected. Decide on a decibel level.
  • By selecting the moon symbol from the Control Center pull-down menu, you can temporarily silence calls, texts, alerts, and other notifications.
  • Toggle between silent and ringer modes by flipping the quiet switch on the phone’s side.
  • You may also ask Siri to increase or decrease the volume.

How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself – Conclusion

If the volume on your iPhone seems to fluctuate on its own, there’s probably a simple solution. There are multiple solutions in our How to Fix iPhone Volume keeps changing by Itself guide.

You’ll probably be able to fix the problem yourself, whether it’s the buttons accidentally being pushed, an update that needs to be downloaded, a setting that needs to be adjusted, or anything else.

If you still can’t, contact an Apple support professional for assistance.

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