How to Fix The AirPods Pro Case Not Charging

How to Fix The AirPods Pro Case Not Charging | 5 Solutions That Worked For Me

A couple of weeks ago I faced some issues with my AirPods Pro charging case where it didn’t charge even though I had it plugged in. 

At first I was surprised because this has never happened to me before, but after going through a couple of posts on Reddit,

I found that it’s actually quite a common occurrence and many users around the world have reportedly faced this issue.

Luckily there were a bunch of fixes online that had worked for them and after trying them out myself, I am glad to say that my AirPods Pro case is finally charging and I can use my AirPods Pro again.

There are a number of reasons behind why they don’t charge and many of the solutions are quite easy.

So, if you’re stuck in the same boat, read on to find out how to fix the AirPods Pro case not charging.

  • Fix #1 — Change the USB Cable
  • Fix #2 — Use a Different Charger
  • Fix #3 — Try Using a Wireless Charger
  • Fix #4 — Reset the AirPods Pro
  • Fix #5 — Clean any Dust or Debris from the Charging Case
  • Last Resort — Take it To The Apple Store

How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging

Why is My AirPods Pro Case Not Charging?

Well to start things off, there are a number of reasons why your AirPods Pro case won’t charge.

My case not charging was due to a damaged adapter and replacing it helped solve the problem. 

But, there are other things like software issues and dust in the charging port that can cause the same issue.

Even physical damage to the charging case can cause it to stop charging. 

Let me take you through a brief understanding on what causes the AirPods Pro case to stop charging.

  • Software Issues – Software glitches are usually caused by an outdated firmware or a bug in the code. Glitches in the software can hamper the performance of the AirPods and at times even stop them from charging.
  • Cable and Adapter Issues – The other likely causes of the AirPods Pro case not charging is a faulty or damaged cable or adapter. When the flow of current to the AirPods Pro case is disrupted, the case will not charge.
  • Dust in the Charging Case – If the AirPods Pro case has been left aside for a long time and has gathered dust, then the dust present in the charging case can prevent it from getting charged.

How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging – 5 Quick Fixes

While researching on this topic, I came across 5 quick fixes and one last resort solution.

I tried a couple of these fixes myself and when I zeroed in on what the exact cause of the issue was, I was able to implement a solution that permanently took care of the problem.

In case you have charging issues with your AirPods Pro case, then give one of these quick fixes a try and see if they work in your favor.

Fix #1 — Change the USB Cable

If you’re using the AirPods Pro with a wired charger then first try connecting the case to your laptop or alternate wall charging port.

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If this does not work then use a different USB-lightning cable  and see if that does the trick.

How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging

USB cables tend to get damaged internally after being used over a period of time.

This might not be evident upon inspection with the naked eye, but underneath the rubber casing, a couple of wires might have snapped and this will prevent the AirPods Pro case from charging. 

If this doesn’t work in your favor, move on to the other fixes and see if one of them works for you.

Fix #2 — Use a Different Charger

The second fix is to try a different charger and see if the wall adapter you have is working or if it needs to be replaced. 

Typically, wall adapters have a lifetime of 1-2 years if they are used sparingly and many of the new chargers don’t last even half that time. 

How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging

So it’s quite possible that a voltage fluctuation or sudden influx of current while the wall adapter was plugged into the socket has damaged its internal circuitry.

If this is the case and your charging cable is working then simply buy a new wall adapter to solve the issue. 

Fix #3 — Try Using a Wireless Charger

If the problem is due to either the cable or wall adapter, then it’s a good idea to switch over to wireless MagSafe charging since the AirPods Pro supports this feature. 

It’s easier to use and the charger has surge protection so the internal circuitry won’t get damaged so easily. 

How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging

However, if it’s not a  hardware issue then it might be due to the AirPods Pro built-in software.

In this case you’d need a different approach to get the problem rectified. Read on to find out how!

Fix #4 — Reset the AirPods Pro

If you’re still left with an AirPods Pro case that doesn’t charge, then it’s most likely a software glitch or bug that has caused the problem and there are only two fixes available anywhere for this issue.

One is to reset them and see if this removes any bugs or glitches in the software and the second is to update the AirPods Pro to the latest firmware. 

Updating the AirPods Pro is only a viable option when the AirPods Pro and the charging case have some charge.

If they both have depleted batteries then the AirPods Pro won’t update and you’d have to get them charged using either one of the other fixes mentioned here.

To reset your AirPods Pro,

  • Start by placing your AirPods Pro in the charging case and then close the lid.
  • Wait for around 30 seconds and then proceed to open the lid of the case
  • Hold the AirPods Pro near your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then proceed to Settings and tap on Bluetooth
How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging
  • Once the list of Bluetooth devices appear, tap on the i icon next to the AirPods Pro name
  • Now click on Forget This Device and tap again to Confirm the Action
How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging
  • While the AirPods Pro are still in the case and the lid is open, press the setup button located at the back of the charging case for 15-20 seconds until the light flashes amber and then white
How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging
  • Proceed to reconnect the AirPods Pro to your iPhone via Bluetooth settings and Add a New Device
  • Now that the AirPods Pro software has been reset, close the lid and then plug in the USB-Lightning cable and proceed to charge the AirPods Pro case.

Fix #5 — Clean any Dust or Debris from the Charging Case 

Another likely cause behind the AirPods Pro case not charging is the presence of dust or debris in the lightning port on the AirPods Pro case. 

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Since the AirPods Pro case is normally carried in jeans or pants pockets, dust and other particles can gather in the lightning port and this will prevent the case from charging.

How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging

Gently clean the lightning port using a soft toothbrush or gently with a pin and try dislodging anything that’s stuck in there.

Whatever you do, don’t use any water or cleaning solution to take out the dust and dirt.

Now connect the lightning adapter and see if the AirPods Pro case charges. 

Last Resort — Take it To The Apple Store

How to Fix the AirPods Pro Case Not Charging

If you’ve tried all of the above 5 fixes and your AirPods Pro case is still not charging, then it’s most likely that you’ve dropped the AirPods Pro case recently and there’s some internal damage.

Unfortunately, due to how small and delicate the AirPods Pro charging case is, I wouldn’t recommend opening it or attempting to. 

Instead, book an online appointment with your nearest Apple Care or Apple Store and take the AirPods down for the trained technicians to take a look at it.

It’s currently a very slow process and might take up to a week for you to get back your AirPods Pro.

What to do if my AirPods Case is not charging to 100%

If your AirPods case is charging but is unable to reach 100% charge then there are a couple of reasons behind this.

First, it could mean that your AirPods case battery is slowly depleting and you’d have to charge it for some more time.

It could also be a problem with the charging port of the case and we did happen to notice this issue while using a third-party charger. So switching the charging cable to an original Apple cable should fix the problem.

In order to fix your AirPods case not charging to 100% it’s best to take it to the Apple Service center and have the technicians diagnose the issue.

How much does Apple charge to fix a damaged AirPods case?

From what I can tell, it costs hardly $69 to replace a standard AirPods case whereas prices can vary depending on the type of AirPods and the kind of case you have.

For example, a MagSafe AirPods charging case will cost around $80 to fix whereas an AirPods Pro charging case may cost upward of $90 to have it fixed.

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It also depends on the level of damage and what the exact issue is that the technicians have to fix.

Can I replace my AirPods charging case?

Yes, if your AirPods charging case is not working and fails to charge the buds then there’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Luckily, Apple replaces AirPods charging cases for free if the case has been damaged within its warranty period.

In order to get your AirPods case replaced you will have to contact the Apple support/help desk and they will determine whether the devices warranty is still active. If yes then they will initiate a replacement and have that delivered to you.

However, if your AirPods are out of warranty then you can still replace or repair them but you will have to pay a premium (at full cost). Sometimes Apple may not be able to repair the case if it’s damaged beyond repair and in such situations you will be asked to purchase a new case.


Should the AirPods Pro case light up when charging?

When the AirPods Pro case is plugged in to charge the setup light blinks amber and this will last for ten seconds before which the light goes off.

Upon opening the charging case lid, the LED will light up amber and this will tell you that it’s charging.

Why is my AirPods Pro case not lighting up?

When an AirPods Pro case is not lighting up it generally means that the AirPods Pro case battery is dead and needs to be charged. 

However if you’ve plugged it in and it still is not charging, then it could be either due to no current in the building or a loose connection. 

Other probable causes are hardware issues, glitches in the software and even dust in the charging port.


With hundreds of different users worldwide complaining about facing the same issue, it’s only evident that there’s going to be a number of quick fixes available online.

These 5 steps have really helped me whenever my AirPods Pro case doesn’t charge and they are sure shot ways you can get the case charging again. 

I hope these fixes have helped you with your faulty charging case and if there are any other fixes you know that work, drop them in the comments section below.

Until Next Time!

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