How to hack an iPhone

Can you Remotely hack iPhone 14, 13, 12 without them knowing this 2024

I have always wondered if someone could hack my iPhone and sometimes the curiosity expands and I ask myself if I can hack an iPhone. And that curiosity is the reason for this article. I don’t approve of hacking someone’s iPhone because to be fair, I wouldn’t want my iPhone to be hacked.

Hacking is a morally flawed thing to do and it is illegal so keep that in mind. This article is written solely to educate my readers about hacking iPhones. And if for some reason you have to access somebody else’s iPhone, this article sheds light on How to hack an iPhone even though I stand against it.  

To know How to Hack an iPhone we read Apple’s official documents and went through various sources; my team and I found out that:

It is rather impossible to hack into an iPhone using organic methods. A user who wants to hack into an iPhone must do it using third-party software such as the 2 below. Although this paid service can allow the user to hack into an iPhone without the need to download software or physically access the target phone, it still requires access to the iCloud credentials of the target.


iPhone 8 and later users (include iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11…) are strongly advised to update their software due to a bug. This bug can or may cause data corruption, app crashes and or remote hackings.

Advised to update your Apple software “to the latest versions immediately”. 

This can be done on the Apple interface by going to

Settings > General > Software Updates > Enable Automatic Updates.

How to hack an iPhone? and Ways people Hack it!

Reasons to hack an iPhone

how to hack an iphone text messages

Hacking is the process of breaking into an electronic device, it is similar to stealing but in a digital environment. While it sounds like an unethical/immoral thing to do, there are some positives to it.

  • Governments and the FBI employ hackers to counter illegal hackers who might be trying to steal information. They also use to get into the iPhones of terrorists and others to gather vital information. 
  • But why would someone reading this article would want to hack into someone’s iPhone, that should be answered by the reader.
  • If you are someone who wants to snoop around, steal information, or satisfy your suspicion, then read on to know more about hacking an iPhone. 

Can Someone Hack My iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 being the latest iPhone wont be spared!

Almost any device on this planet is hackable. And this includes iPhones too. But the real question is can anyone hack an iPhone? And the answer to that is also probably yes but it is not an easy feat.

  • It takes a lot of skill and knowledge about hacking, and years of expertise in the field for someone to hack any smartphone let alone an iPhone. 
  • Apple devices are some of the most secure devices you can buy. All of Apple’s devices including iPhones are primarily built around security and privacy from the ground up and this is why some popular features like micro-SD cards are absent from iPhones.

That said, anything is possible if you try just hard enough, just like how unpickable locks get picked. 

1) Hack an iPhone with eyeZy

how to hack an iPhone

If you have access to their phone or you know their iCloud credentials, you can gain access to their iPhone. We’re talking about things like iMessages, texts, and even social media messages.

With eyeZy, it’s easy to see all their chats, wherever they take place. Messenger. WhatsApp, Skype. Snapchat. Instagram. Tinder. eyeZy lets you hack into their iPhone and see everything.

And it doesn’t stop with their chats. When you use eyeZy to hack into an iPhone, you’ll be able to read their emails, see their location, find out who they called over the phone, and more. There’s even a cool feature called Magic Alerts that tells you if they’ve used specific words in chat or search (you get to pick the words). It’s really powerful and super easy to install. The best part? It works in hidden mode, so they won’t know that you’ve hacked into their phone.

With three methods to install (Jailbreak, iCloud Sync, or Wi-Fi Sync) you can get up and running in no time with eyeZy.

Check them out here

2) Hack an iPhone Step by Step using Spyine?

how to hack an iphone 7 plus

Spyine is one of the best tools for having remote access over an iPhone. Spyine allows you to view messages, data exchanges, emails, notes, and more of the hacked device. All you have to do is follow these steps and you can get access to any iOS device, an iPhone or iPad.  

  • STEP 1: First things first, you will have to register on Spyine’s web-based app with your email ID.  
  • STEP 2: After registering, you have to choose a plan. There are lots of plans so, choose the best plan for you based on your budget and time frame.  
  • STEP 3:   As soon as you have selected and paid for a plan, you will receive an email with a link that will set you up. The set-up procedure is straightforward and simple, you won’t have any trouble with it. The set-up process will be done in a couple of minutes and you are good to go.  
  • STEP 4: Now choose iOS as the target platform.  
  • STEP 5: Once this is done, you have to link you to the target iPhone to Spyine. You can do this by entering the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.  
  • STEP 6: Now you have access to a host of features from Spyine that you can use on your target iPhone. 
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All of this took only a few minutes, and the next section will let you what you can do after hacking the iPhone with Spyine.   

how to hack an iphone 7

Features of Spyine 

Security to the hacker: Spyine vows to maintain the anonymity of the hacker by not maintaining records of any user. It only keeps account of necessary information like username and password and even these are secured without access to anyone.  

No Jailbreaking: Previous spyware required the target iPhones to be jailbroken. But Spyine doesn’t require this, all you need is the iCloud details and the whole process is remote too. 

Keylogging: This is a feature that allows Spyine to store the keystrokes on the iPhone of the target user, this allows for the hacker to get password credentials and more.  

how to hack an iphone remotely free

Web-Based Spyware: Spyine is a web-based spyware service, this avoids the need to download software, allowing the hacker to maintain his/her anonymity better. The hacker only needs to Spyine when required.  

How to hack an iPhone without having access to it?

The iPhone is like a very secure lock but even the most advanced locks can be broken if the method is right. Similarly, iPhones can be hacked into if someone really wanted to.

Something that makes iPhones harder to hack is the fact that they keep getting software and security updates that fix vulnerabilities through which hackers can gain access to your device.   

how to hack an iphone without password
  • Apple wouldn’t help the FBI because even Apple didn’t have any access to data of any iPhone. And if Apple helped, it meant that Apple is breaking the trust of its customers. Eventually, the FBI hacked into the iPhone with the help of those Israeli hackers which costing the FBI more than a million dollars.
how to hack an iphone without having access to it

Apple increased the security since, and the security of any device including other smartphones has increased with security updates.  

Another example of iPhones getting hacked was discovered by a hacker who works for Apple. This hacker demonstrated how to hack into an iPhone remotely from another device. This whole incident alarmed the entire Apple community. Apple has since fixed the vulnerability that allowed the hacker to exploit it.  

  • Besides all this tight security on an iPhone, there are other comparatively easier ways to hack into an iPhone but most of these require the target to be naïve or careless. If the target iPhone runs on an older software version, it means they are vulnerable to being hacked.
  • Jailbreaking an iPhone also makes it vulnerable to hacking as you won’t be getting software and security updates from Apple. And if you practice safe internet browsing and have basic knowledge of the internet, you can avoid making your devices become vulnerable by not installing apps and certificates without your knowledge.  
  • So, if you follow safe browsing, avoid sketchy websites and links, avoid Jailbreaking your iPhone, and update your iPhone regularly, your iPhone will be safe from hackers. So, it is possible to hack an iPhone but it is not easy to do so.
  • The hacker needs to be extremely skilled or the target has to be extremely naïve. Both of these are unlikely and a skilled hacker isn’t going to hack any iPhone on the street.   
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How to hack iPhone REMOTELY

While remotely hacking an iPhone is a near-impossible task, it’s still possible. To hack an iPhone remotely, the user has to be careless. The user might press on links, pop-ups, visit shady websites, and more for their iPhone to get hacked.

Even then Apple regularly patches iPhones to protect from security vulnerabilities, so a combination of bad luck, poor user knowledge, and expert hacking skills are required to hack an iPhone.

Hacking into an iPhone From A Computer

With third-party apps like eyeZy, you can remotely keep a track of the target’s iPhone. This includes access to their texts, location, social media, web history, etc. While it is dangerous in the wrong hands, Apps like eyeZy are commonly used by parents to track their children.

Ethical issues aside, hacking into iPhone is easier remotely by just using a computer. All you really need is the target’s iTunes credentials. Specifically, their username and password. Now, all you have to do is log into their account and install the spy app, and you are done.

Simply head over to the dashboard of the spy app and you can view the activities taking place on the target’s iPhone.

Third-party services 

While I have been talking about how hard it is to hack an iPhone, you might have stumbled upon services and Spyware on the internet that claim to easily hack an iPhone. I wanted to check if these services were saying the truth. I wanted to see if these third-party services could actually hack an iPhone. So, I paid for a service called Spyine, and here is my experience with it.  

  • The claims of Spyine were not false, in fact, the whole process worked as advertised. But this process has its asterisks, and you should know them before using Spyine.
  • You can only hack using Spyine or other such spyware if you have access to the target device’s iCloud credentials. This means that you need the iCloud ID and password, which in itself can prove almost impossible to find unless the owner of the target device trusts you.  
  • So, if you want to hack into the iPhone of someone you know and someone who trusts you with their iCloud credentials, you can with the help of Spyine or other such Spywares. You shouldn’t be doing that to someone who trusts you but you can if you are so desperate.
  • So now that you want to, you might be wondering how to hack into someone’s iPhone. Read on to know how to hack an iPhone using Spyine.  

Hacking iPhone using Wi-Fi

Another method to Hack into an iPhone would be to use a public Wi-Fi connection. Public Wi-Fi can be extremely unsafe and unsecured. If you know what you’re doing then you can more or less gather the target data. However, it happens to be extremely complicated. So, you’ll need quite the technical know-how.

The most common method would be to use a man-in-the-middle attack. So, how does this work? Let’s assume you received a text message from what appears to be your bank asking you to log in to your account to confirm your contact information. Now, you click on that link and you’re taken to what seems to be the bank’s website. Once, you type in your credentials, you are now a victim of a phishing scam.

Now, in this example, the man in the middle sent you the text that seemed credible. It’s much easier to pull this off in a public Wi-Fi setting as there’s usually a signup page of some kind. All they need to do is to get you to download a file and your system is compromised.

Even if they don’t go through such a complicated scenario. They can simply set up a program called a packet analyzer that collects the data that is transmitted from your computer using the Wi-Fi and they can now access your private information.

Then the hacker can leech passwords, login credentials, and other sensitive information. Even text messages and emails.

So, it is highly recommended you don’t access your bank or important emails on a public Wi-fi network. In fact, it’s better to use a VPN as it will offer a considerable strong safeguard against such attacks.

We recommend you avoid unsecured Wireless networks in general and use your hotspot instead. And for the ultimate safeguard use your VPN at all times to encrypt your traffic.

How to hack an iPhone – Final Thoughts

Hacking is a sensitive subject when it comes to the morality of the act. But there are cases where it can be useful for their greater good, even though the whole process is tainted.

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Besides, if you can hack a single iPhone, you can hack anyone’s iPhone, and this means that everyone is at risk of getting hacked. This is why Apple and other software developers work on security so much.

Although hacking into an iPhone is possible even though it may seem like an impossible task. You can always hire a skilled hacker to hack a vulnerable/naive user or use spyware to get the job done.  

FAQs on iPhone Hacking

Is it possible to hack an iPhone remotely?

Apple’s unhackable marketing for the iPhone is not fully correct as the iPhone definitely can be hacked like almost all electronic devices. While iPhone’s code and security measures are some of the best, they can still be hacked through human error. Learn more about how to hack an iPhone in our guide.

Can an iPhone get hacked by text?

Recently, an iPhone was hacked using a zero-click exploit. The iPhone user received an iMessage text and even without clicking on it, the iPhone was hacked. Apple has released patches for the vulnerability but it is possible for an iPhone to get hacked by text.

Can an iPhone be hacked by visiting a website?

When I mentioned that human error can lead to an iPhone getting hacked, this is what I was thinking of. Users visiting shady websites or clicking on suspicious links can lead to their iPhones getting hacked. Learn more about how to hack an iPhone in our guide.

How will I know if my iPhone is hacked?

There are a few signs that can let you know if your iPhone is hacked. A hacked iPhone will,
Display strange or inappropriate popups.
Send texts or make calls automatically.
High data usage.
The battery can drain quicker than usual.
Some apps are installed without your permission.

Can an iPhone be hacked by clicking a link?

Yes, this is probably the most common way an iPhone can get hacked. Shady websites with suspicious links can install malicious software onto your iPhone that allows hackers to take control of your iPhone.

Can iPhone 12 be hacked easily?

iPhone 12 can be hacked but not easily. Most modern smartphones and computers are hard to hack and iPhones are some of the most secure devices making them hard and almost impossible to hack. But it is possible and practicing safe browsing practices is required to avoid such a risk. Learn more about how to hack iPhone in our guide.

Can We Hack iPhone Calls and Data?

Yes, you can hack an iPhone but it is a difficult process. There are some apps that make it easier for us to remotely access iPhones. Once hacked, you will have access to the iPhone’s calls and data. 

What Are the Signs of a Hacked iPhone?

The below signs help us to know whether an iPhone was hacked or not,
Battery life may be affected.
Some unusual apps and popups might show up on your iPhone.
Reduced storage and performance. 

Could Someone Hack Your iPhone If You Join Wi-Fi? 

Yes, your iPhone can be hacked through Wi-Fi. If your iPhone is connected to a public Wi-Fi, there is a risk of getting hacked. Many hackers use public Wi-Fi to access and hack into devices like iPhone.

Is It Safe to Use a Hacked iPhone After a Factory Reset? 

Yes, it is safe to use your iPhone again after a Factory reset since a factory reset deletes all data on your iPhone, including any of the hacker’s data like viruses/trojans, etc. Learn more about how to hack an iPhone in our guide.

Can the iPhone Camera Be Hacked? 

Yes, it is possible to hack an iPhone’s camera. iPhone cameras are also targeted by hackers. They hack your camera in a way that you don’t even notice that your camera is working and providing them data. Learn more about how to hack an iPhone in our guide.

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