Where To Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tips From? | Top Replacement Ear Tips for the AirPods Pro 2022

Looking where to buy AirPods Pro foam tips? Here’s the best sellers to buy AirPods Pro foam tips from. Check it out!

The Apple AirPods Pro are perfect for all audio, whether it is making calls or listening to your favourite tunes the AirPods deliver quality performance always. Apple has made the AirPods one of the best completely wireless earphones you can buy.

While they are some of the best out there, they are premium products and definitely do not come cheap. Apple currently charges 179 USD for the AirPods and 249 USD for the Pro version.

The heavy price tag can be justified by the good sound experience you get with the AirPods, but when paying so much money for a pair of earphones you expect them to sit well and feel comfortable in your ear, especially if you are going to use them for long hours at a time.

The Silicone tips while sturdy are not the most comfortable, Apple could have improved on this.

So if you are looking for tips that are more comfortable, continue reading to find out more about some of the best memory foam tips available today to make your listening experience better.

Where To Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tips

Until Apple decides to do something about the silicone ear tips it provides with the AirPods if you want something that fits in your ear better, is more comfortable to wear and creates better noise cancellation because of the good fit, Foam ear tips are your best bet.

If you ever switch to foam tips you will never use the silicone type again due to the unmatched comfort the foam offers.

We looked at a few different options out there and tested them out. In this article, we will list some of the best foam ear tips available for you to look at and pick from.

Let’s now look at some of the best memory foam tips available.

Lanwow Memory Foam Tips

Where To Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tips

The memory foam tips from Lanwow are now better than before with version 2, they now offer enhanced durability and better protection than the previous generation AirPods Pro tips.

These are good ear tips made from quality materials. They are made of softer foam for more comfort and will stop your ear from paining like how silicone tips sometimes do, more so when worn for long durations.

These memory foam tips provide good sealing of your ear canal and reduce more outside ambient noise than silicone tips, this leads to better bass for music and movies too. It will also help you to work more productively by drowning out the noise in the office.

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When you order these ear tips you will receive three sets in three different sizes, small, medium and large. Pick out the ones that are best for you. Using the right size will keep them from falling out while exercising or so.

Unlike some other after market ear tips that do not fit into the charging case, these are designed perfectly and fit inside the case comfortably.

Black Magic Memory Foam Ear Tips

Where To Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tips

Black Magic is now the fourth generation of ear tips by Foam Masters and they just keep getting better with each upgrade. These are better than the average memory foam tips but come with a slightly higher price tag as well.

These latest ones are made of superior quality foam and are very soft. While designing these new ear tips Foam masters had collected feedback from customers who used their previous generation tips and with that in mind made these.

Black magic ear tips are ergonomically designed, these memory foam tips are tapered from the front to back, this allows for a deeper better fit and flows with the natural contours of your ear. Every 0.1 mm of memory foam has been taken into account when these were designed to create the perfect fit.

A better fitting earphone means better sealing, this, in turn, allows for better bass and increased outdoor sound reduction. These tips come in Black, Grey and White for you to pick from as well.

This set of ear tips also have superior sweat resistance, grip and are more durable than others, this is because they have an almost invisible semi permeable layer on top of the memory foam for increased protection.

When you are ordering these, unlike most other vendors, if you are confident of exactly what size you want you can just order sets of the size you would like, for example, three sets of medium sized tips. Or you have the standard option of going with the usual assorted set with one pair each of small, medium and large tips.

Foam masters will even give you a free case to keep your ear tips safely.

Eartune Fidelity UF-A Memory Foam Tips

Where To Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tips

If you want to add some colour to your plain white AirPods Pro or maybe match your ear tips every day with the clothes you are wearing, these are definitely the ones you should go for.

These are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into your ear without causing pain and also keep them from falling out when you are running or working out.

They also have a built in wax guard which is found in the mounting buckle under the ear tip, this prevents unwanted dust and dirt from entering the AirPods.

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The memory foam used has a slow rebound effect and is made with good quality, soft foam for the most comfort. A perfect fit also means there will be no sound leak and will prevent unwanted ambient noise.

This package comes with three pairs, one small, one medium and one large. Use the ones that suit your ear best, the rest can be used as a backup if any get torn or lost.

And as for the colours available, you can order these memory foam ear tips in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Yellow and Purple too. Enough for even the most colour friendly.

ABAZAR Memory Foam Tips

Where To Buy AirPods Pro Foam Tips

The Abazar memory foam tips are currently at version 3, they are made from polyurethane foam which has a slow rebound rate. It usually takes about five to eight minutes to fully rebound.

The good seal they produce will help keep out most of the outside noise. This allows you to focus on your audio better and provides for better listening. This is also useful when you work in a crowded open office that can get noisy.

The all new version 3 comes with better sweat resistance and are more durable too. They now have a built in dust filter to keep the insides of your AirPods always clean. It also has a nano web membrane coating on each tip to keep it more stable in your ear.

The buckle lock system keeps the tip from coming off the AirPod every time you remove it from your ear. But also makes it easy to attach and detach from the AirPods. The perfect design of the tips allows them to sit perfectly into the charging case without the need to remove them while charging.

Each package comes with three pairs, one small, one medium and one large

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Ear Tips

Before you go to pick out your next ear tips there are a few things you need to know and consider when shopping for them to ensure that you get the best you can for yourself, which will give you long hours of comfortable listening.

Let’s go through some of the factors that you should keep in mind while looking at ear tips.


This is one of the most important points, the material the ear tips are made of is almost always related to how comfortable they can be.

Currently, Apple AirPods come with tips that are made of silicone, these do not get damaged easily, are cheap to replace and provide a decent seal. Silicone tips however can sometimes start to feel uncomfortable when worn for long hours at a time. The seal can sometimes be breached and ambient noises get let in too.

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On the other hand, memory foam ear tips are much softer and fit and feel more comfortable in your ear. Due to the better fit it provides, it keeps out outside noise out more efficiently as well, this improves bass and reduces sound loss.


In order to get the best comfort and performance from your ear tips getting yourself the right fit is very important. The right fit will also keep the AirPods securely in your ear and stop them from falling out when you are running or working out with them.

Memory foam trumps silicone here a well, because memory foam tips take the shape of your ear canals when you put them in. It is recommended that you get a couple of sets of different sizes and pick which one suits your ear the best. No people’s ears are the same, one person can have different sized ear canals as well.


This is one of the main reasons to switch to memory foam ear tips, they are much more comfortable than silicone ones, and comfort is needed for good listening experiences. So if you find your current silicone tips on your AirPods uncomfortable and painful at times, switching to memory foam ones is a good idea.


Most companies do not give any type of warranty on such products but some companies do offer replacement options in the rare cases where customers receive a defective product.

Some sellers even offer refunds as well.


The Apple AirPods Pro is an expensive piece of audio equipment and delivers when it comes to the quality and clarity of the audio and is in many ways unmatched. But despite the price Apple still sells them with only silicone ear tips, these are not the most comfortable and definitely not the best for working out.

Memory foam tips will not only be more comfortable but also keep your AirPods firmly in place. This will also reduce any pain you might have been experiencing with silicone tips. We hope that the information in this article helps you make an easier, smarter decision.

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